Meal Prep


Nourishing your body with real, whole foods is the key to a long + healthy life. When you eat better, you feel better! It's a simple truth that sounds easy in theory...

The truth is: life gets in the way of cooking healthy meals sometimes, and you may find yourself at the drive-thru, frustrated. Maybe this happens 1-2 times per week, and maybe it's more times than not, but either way we are here to help.

Taylor Made combines the convenience of prepared meals with the personal touch of amazing food and customer service. Best of both worlds!
— Jay Hartenbach, CEO Medterra

Here at Taylor Made Cuisine, we believe that you shouldn't have to choose between living your life to the fullest and eating clean! That's why we created our meal prep delivery service - to deliver you restaurant quality meals, right to your doorstep! 

We specialize in Candida, Keto, Low FODMAP, Paleo, Pescatarian, Vegan, and Vegetarian diets. We get to know your tastes and create a custom meal plan just for you. Best of all, your meals are ready to eat in just minutes!

And with our family meal plans and family meal plan subscriptions, you can put a healthy meal on the table that everyone will be sure to enjoy. Family meals are available for purchase in our meal delivery store.

Deliveries go out once a week, so be sure to place your order using our online store!




What Makes Taylor Made Cuisine Meal Prep Different?


While developing our meal preparation service, we asked our customers about their prior experiences, and what we found was eye-opening!

Not only were clients dissatisfied with the food quality, but also with the packaging it came in.

So, we developed our service to address these issues head on!

What Makes Us Unique:

Custom Meal Plans - We cater to every dietary restriction, including, but not limited to: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Pescatarian. In addition, we offer popular meal programs such as: Candida, Keto, Low FODMAP, Paleo, and SIBO. Also, we can work together with your nutritionist to ensure that you're getting the best results possible! 

Premium Ingredients - Quality food demands quality ingredients. That's why we use only the finest in our meals. We use organic produce and chicken, wild-caught seafood, and our meats are hormone-free and grass-fed when available. We also use low-glycemic sweeteners like coconut sugar.

Chef-Inspired Flavors - You deserve the best quality food, and only a trained chef can give you that, not an untrained entrepreneur! Our chefs work diligently to create new and exciting menu items each month. And, you can rest assured knowing your food is prepared properly, by a chef who cares

Individual Packaging - Your proteins, vegetables, and starches need to be fresh and full of flavor, and you don't get that experience when your food comes in the same container. Each of our menu items come in their own individual containers, so your food stays fresh and for longer. When it's time to eat, just grab your containers and make your plate! Simple + easy, and our customers love it!

Dedicated Customer Service - Communication is essential! We pride ourselves in providing quick response times, personalized customer service, and even a friendly text that your order is on your doorstep. We also provide an up-to-date FAQ page, that provides answers to common questions you may have. 

Ready to try the best meal prep delivery service in Orange County and Los Angeles County?