Drumwright Family

Taylor Made Cuisine has been an excellent service to work with! They respond quickly via text or cell if you have any questions.

The food is delicious and customizable to your dietary needs. The quality is great and there are a variety of options so you don't get sick of eating the same thing!!!

Appreciate the AMAZING customer service and quality of food being delivered. Thank you for making life easier not having to slave away in the kitchen!

Looking forward to every meal!!

- Drumwright Family

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Sandra Hume

Great food, great service, and a great variety!

I have struggled to find a place that really delivers healthy food that tastes great and doesn't get monotonous.

Taylor Made does a fantastic job! I highly recommend you try it!!

- Sandra Hume

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Brad Barnes

I've had a great experience getting my meals delivered with Taylor Made Cuisine!

First of all - the meals are insanely delicious. Better than any other meal delivery I've tried.

Their customer service has always been awesome. I truly have no complaints.

I high recommend trying TMC! You won't regret it!

- Brad Barnes

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Shalini Prasad

I recently started a Meal Plan Subscription with Taylor Made Cuisine.

I selected the Low FODMAP option, because of dietary restrictions. I've attempted numerous of times to try and do a Low FODMAP diet on my own, but have not been successful.

When I found Taylor Made Cuisine and saw there was an option for Low FODMAP that didn't require me having to cook (except for the fish). I was so excited to try it and I'm so glad I did!

The food is absolutely AMAZING. I was nervous about the flavors of the foods (especially, the ones that are dairy-free or gluten-free), but I've been so impressed. Everything I've received is absolutely delicious and the quality is exceptional.

The portion size for each meal is perfect! My boyfriend tried some of the meals and also agrees everything tastes so good.

I highly recommend Taylor Made Cuisine for anyone who is need of a meal delivery service that tastes flavorful, is healthy, and is 80% cooked.

This service is also great for someone in need of options for dietary restrictions and is perfect for someone with a busy schedule, because it is super convenient with how everything is packaged and heating instructions.

Thank you Taylor for having a Low FODMAP option!

- Shalini Prasad

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Sondra Barker

I've been using this meal service for three weeks and though it is pricier than most meal plans, its exactly what I was looking for. I cannot eat boring tasteless meals nor do I have any time to cook them myself.

Taylor's meals are incredibly flavorful, generous, and customizable. I found that almost all meal plans use white rice and refined carbs which is a big no, no. Taylor makes sure all of my meals include healthy carbs like farro, quinoa, brown rice, rice pasta, and sweet potatoes.

Her meals are so flavorful, they taste like home cooked meals. Each ingredient is separately packed in recyclable containers and the meals are very generous. I tend to eat small portions so one meal is like 2 little meals for me which has actually made the price very justifiable.

Since starting with these meal plans I feel so much healthier. I used to eat frozen trader joes pizza for breakfast! This morning I had chimichuri steak with mixed vegetables and while roasted potatoes.

My other meals include:
- Lamb Curry with quinoa and zucchini
- Pork mole with beans, tropical salsa and avocado
- Kung Pao Chicken with brown rice and sauteed broccoli
- Cajun Butter Steak with sweet potatoes and mixed vegetables

I specifically requested only 2-3 dishes be chicken and they did not dissapoint! When I wake up, I'm so excited for my pre-workout meal and no more frozen pizza!

- Sondra Barker

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Jasmine M.

I used Taylor Made Cuisine for one of my corporate events and the cheese board was stunning not to mention the food delicious!

I received many compliments on the board and will certainly use her again for my catering events.

- Jasmine M.

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Kristin Prosser

I am a part of a networking group of women and we needed a grazing board for an event in Newport Beach.

I spoke with a handful of companies and it was an easy choice to go with Taylor. She was super easy to work with and made the most beautiful grazing board for our event.

The price was great and the service was flawless. She even let me hold onto her platters and return them to her after the event so we didn't have to use disposable trays.

I would highly recommend Taylor!

- Kristin Prosser

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Angie Wisdom

The food is amazing!

We have tried many different meal prep companies and have never really loved anything. Taylor Made is in a league of their own!

The meals are well rounded and not just a one-pot type of meal. The way she lays out the menu, complete with sauces, toppings and fresh whole avocados are over the top!

She is a must-try!

- Angie Wisdom

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Marilyn Glendinning

I'm so happy I found a super -- actually, sensational-- food delivery service!

I look forward to surprising myself at dinner every night, and at breakfast, too.

I have tried many food delivery services and this is by far my favorite.

Keep on doing what you're doing, Taylor, et al.

I love the food, the service, and the friendliness. Looking forward to dinner and not having to cook.

- Marilyn Glendinning

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Sarah Schincke

I almost never write a review, positive or negative for a business, but the excellent food and service I've received from TMC made me think it was worth the few minutes it would take to write this!

First of all, let me tell you I have tried practically every pre-made premium meal delivery in So Cal (Sunfare, Zone Healthy, Zen, Klean LA, Nutrifit...the list goes on) and a few make-it-yourself delivery places too. So believe when I tell you TMC is in a league of its own!

I am also a weird and picky eater, constantly changing what I like to eat or am willing to eat and Taylor is super flexible about what you can eat week to week (Paleo, Keto, Vegan, traditional, and so on) and you can be very specific about what particular foods you enjoy or dislike or are allergic to, more so than any other meal delivery business I've encountered (typically you can only "dislike" up to 3 ingredients or they charge quite a bit more per day for meals), but at TMC the cost is the same no matter what your eating preferences.

You can also choose week to week how many meals you want and for how many days (just lunch, just dinner, or breakfast and dinner, lunch and dinner, etc.), so there is also a lot of flexibility there based on your needs each week.

AND I HAVEN'T EVEN MENTIONED THE FOOD YET...so good! Seriously some of the best tasting dishes I've tried out of any delivery service. Plenty of variety week to week and excellent fresh colorful foods and I haven't had a meal yet that I didn't really enjoy.

Also, Taylor is very responsive to emails if you want to make a change to your order or ask questions she will get back to you right away.

So glad I found this business; it makes my life so much easier and keeps me fed and happy. Thanks, girl!!

- Sarah Schincke

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Anne-Sophie Gac

I have been very happy with Taylor Made Cuisine!

I have tried different meal prep services and I have to say that the quality and the taste are the best.

It is very very good. Better than the other ones. However it is not cheap.

For 10 full meals per week you'll have to pay about $200. It's too expensive for me so what I do is I'm only ordering the protein (about 10 protein portions) and I cook my own vegetables.

It only cost me $100 per week which is very good if you compare with the other services. It works for me this way and I can enjoy very high quality food.

Try it you won't be disappointed!

- Anne-Sophie Gac

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Jeannette Heindel

We were in town for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary and a few days at Disneyland.

Taylor Made provided a beautiful platter on our the first night and some prepared meals for the week.

They fielded a couple calls from me and were patient and we figured out what would work best for our trip.

I found them to be kind, considerate, and communicative. Not to mention: the food is delicious.

I highly recommend them.

- Jeannette Heindel

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Emma Elliott

For as long as I can remember, my stomach has been sensitive and temperamental and has only gotten more agitated over the last few years, which has led me on what has felt like a wild goose chase to figure out what is going on in my gut.

One of the more recent instructions my GI doctor gave me was to try the Low FODMAP diet for 6 weeks. At a loss of what I could eat and after an exhaustive search for tips / meal services, I stumbled upon Taylor Made (the only meal delivery service I found that offers Low FODMAP as an option).

To be honest, I was weary of how the meals would taste given all of the diet's limitations, but to my amazement, they were always DELICIOUS. So thank you-for the convenience and personalized touch of your deliveries, super tasty meals, and time saved meal-prepping and cooking.

If you're thinking of trying Taylor Made, DO IT. You won't regret it.

- Emma Elliott

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Lindsey Galey

Amazing quality & service!

Received as a gift after having a baby and was the best possible experience.

All arrived on a Sunday evening and every meal was amazing... loved the snacks and desserts too! Flavor was all incredible!

Wish I could have this service all the time... couldn't speak higher of it!

- Lindsey Galey

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Maggie Cikota

Our friend was recovering from throat cancer treatment and could not eat solid food.

He doesn't really have family in the area or anyone who can cook for him. We decided to go with Taylor Made because they had some delicious soups on their menu.

We ordered a variety of soups for him and explained the story to the owners. They delivered his soups promptly and didn't charge for delivery. Our buddy said that the soups were delicious and he was so appreciative.

Thanks Taylor Made Cuisine for feeding his soul as well as his body.

- Maggie Cikota

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Jen Kelly

This is the best meal prep service I have tried and I have tried them all!

I love that they cater to so many different dietary needs and the food is so delicious!

I also love how everything is packaged separately so everything tastes so fresh.

Would definitely recommend their meal delivery service! It is worth it!!

- Jen Kelly

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Jenny Gallade

I have been ordering from Taylor Made Cuisine for almost three months. I couldn't be more pleased with the convenience, and the taste of the food!

Between my husband and I, we have tried the Classic, Paleo, and the Keto meal plans. All have been amazing with tasty large portions that leave you feeling satisfied! Even my picky eater kids often steal food off our plates and love the food!

Taylor Made Cuisine's communication is exceptional as well! Taylor answers emails and questions promptly, and will customize any meal to your liking.

I highly recommend Taylor Made!

- Jenny Gallade

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