Jessica Koch

Taylor Made Cuisine is by far THE BEST meal prep & catering company!!

We connected through Pure Barre where they hosted a tasting event for the clients! When I saw the car it was game over, winners! Our clients and other instructors raved about the post workout delights!

They hosted another event for us and Houzz, catered Pure Barre's Holiday Party, and is the sole responsible party of me never having to go grocery shopping again.

The food is delicious, fresh, organic, caters to all types of diets and restrictions, and is made with love (you can definitely tell!).

Truly the best and I couldn't be more happy for you!

- Jessica Koch
Pure Barre

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Gabby Stobie

I cannot rave enough about Taylor Made Cuisine!

I tried this service because it's hard to find vegetarian meal plans that aren't all just salads. I was hooked after the first meal!

I had my husband skip his normal food delivery service to try TMC. He became more obsessed than me!

We get excited to eat dinner every day! Every single thing we have ordered has been exceptional. These meals have been some of the most flavorful we've ever had.

I highly suggest the Buddha bowl or anything with the almond satay! My husband loves the cheesy bacon chicken!

We are so thankful we found amazing, healthy food delivered to our doorstep!

- Gabby Stobie

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Christine Jung

As a non-profit preschool, we were working on a limited budget to find a good caterer for our Christmas program.

When we found Taylor Made Cuisine on Yelp, we knew right away that we wanted to work with them but weren't sure if we could afford it with our budget. But of course, Taylor and her team were extremely accommodating!

They helped us curate a delicious menu within our budget which all of our children, families, and staff thoroughly enjoyed.

The food was not only delicious, but it was also of great quality. We loved how clean and healthy everything tasted without sacrificing great flavor.

Taylor, thank you so much for helping us out especially on short notice! We look forward to working with you again.

- Christine Jung,
TLC Learning Center

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Leigh Beach

We're on week two of ordering meal plans from Taylor and we're big fans. Huge!

Ordering from her website is easy and fast. The Sunday deliveries have been seamless.

I love knowing that I have good, healthy lunch and dinner options waiting for me at home. It takes the "what am I going to make for dinner tonight?" guesswork out of the equation.

But the best part is how DELICIOUS the food is.

I've always been skeptical about using a microwave and I have to say that the food reheats beautifully. Nothing has come out overcooked or dry. The flavor is fantastic and the portions are quite large. The hardest part has been getting my husband to eat his veggies!

Thanks for helping us clean up our diets Taylor!

- Leigh Beach

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Jennifer Le

Who knew eating clean could be so freaking delicious AND gourmet!?!

Love that there is a wide variety on the menu and that you can mix and match to avoid redundancy! I've tried other meal preps in the surrounding area, and I have to say TMC is definitely the best tasting.

Obsessed with the aloha bowls, all the soups and the curry coconut chicken with coconut rice is literally to die for!

Highly recommend...TMC does not disappoint!!!!!

- Jennifer Le

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Nicci Morris


My husband and I are busy! My daughters are picky eaters and normally eat dinner earlier than us. I started wasting so much food because (life) would happen and we would end up ordering from a restaurant for dinner instead of cooking.

We have tried other meal delivery places and just couldn't find the right fit. Taylor has been delivering to us for a while now and every week we are finishing everything she sends! So good and she listens to all of our dietary restrictions!

The packaging is a game changer!

Vacuumed sealed meats/fish and all sides in their own container! Huge for me since the other places we have tried just throw it all together in one container! If you don't finish meat or fish you can throw it right in the freezer in the vacuum pack!

LOVE our Sunday Deliveries! Thank you Taylor for making life a little easier with your yummy healthy dishes!

- Nicci Morris

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Jonathan Ritchie

Taylor Made Cuisines is the second meal delivery service I've tried.

What separates them is the flavor and ability to note your favorite and least favorite foods. I'm not quite sure to what degree the latter is taken under consideration, but the simple fact that they try to accommodate your preferences is amazing. There was only a single meal that I didn't care for, and since I added it to my least favorite foods, I haven't received it again.

The customer service is exceptional! They responded in less than 30 mins whenever I had a question.

The only negative about the service is you're given each meal in separate containers. For example, if a meal contains a meat and two types of vegetables, you're given 3 containers for the meal. So, when you get a delivery, you have to sort through the many pieces and match them with the menu.

Overall, the minor inconvenience of sorting through the meals is outweighed by the numerous benefits. They're keto-friendly, too! I'm extremely happy with the company and plan on using them for the foreseeable future.

- Jonathan Ritchie

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Cassie Piasecki

I'm a HUGE fan of Taylor Made Cuisine.

Even though I love to meal prep, I'm a busy girl and there are some weeks that Taylor and her excellent food SAVES me.

Besides tasting delish, Taylor goes out of her way to make sure my dietary needs are met. I'm a gluten-free vegetarian with FODMAP issues. I know! High maintenance. She totally understands and makes sure I am set.

My preference is to do a four day supply of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. This is a lot of food. It usually takes me through 5-6 days or I let my husband enjoy something. He thinks it's delish, too.

I like how everything is individually portioned so nothing soaks up the flavor or smell of the other food.

My fave breakfast is the Aloha Bowl. Fave lunch is the buddha bowl. Fave snacks are these peanut butter cup fat bombs. I could eat her marinara spaghetti squash every day.

Prices are super affordable!!!!!

- Cassie Piasecki

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Megan Becker

I am loving Taylor Made Cuisine!

I'm a foodie but I am also a clean food foodie, so I have a hard time putting just anything in my body when I'm on the go. I often find myself not eating anything because I don't have time to buy/find or make quality food so Taylor Made has filled this void.

Now, I always have several meals on hand that I can quickly heat up and enjoy. My #1 favorite is the curry cashew chicken. I also love their pumpkin and carrot bits to enjoy on the road before or after a workout. Their roasted vegetable Frittata is delicious, fresh and moist.

I definitely recommend Taylor Made to anyone who likes quality ingredients, local, grass fed, no refined sugars, organic, etc, without compromising on flavor. My only wish is that their portions were a little bigger--it all tastes so good I always want more!

- Megan Becker

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Emily Rouse

Truly AMAZING delicious and healthy food!

My husband and I have been on the search for a food/meal delivery service for some time and finally we have found one!!!

Taylor Made Cuisine tastes extremely fresh, all ingredients are thoughtfully selected, and the food is totally satisfying- even for a pregnant woman:) The whole process is streamline and easy from selecting your food(various options- meal plans or individual items) to the professional front door delivery.

We have honestly loved everything we have tried so far! It's so convenient and I feel like we truly are eating nutritious clean foods. Dinner prep is so simple and we have really enjoyed eating more at home together.

I would highly 100% recommend Taylor Made Cuisine!

Some favorites- aloha bowl, mini pumpkin muffins, green smoothie, spicy vegetable soup, chicken stew soup, rice stir fry with broccoli and kale, spaghetti squash, and my hubby loves the steak/beef tips.

One more thing- the husband and wife team are seriously so genuine and passionate about what they do- it really shows in all the thoughtful attention to detail :)

- Emily Rouse

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Lori Bousman

Started using Taylor Made Cuisine meal prep service after my daughter was born.

It's been life saving to have healthy meals delivered right to my front door.

With no free time to cook, I've enjoyed the variety of food options. My husband and I both have a delicious dinner at least for a few nights per week.

Communication is great if you need to get in touch. I did the 3 meal plan lunch/dinner and portions are good size.

- Lori Bousman

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Sarah Dornish

As a busy person with a ton of food allergies and intolerances, I love Taylor Made's meal prep!

Their delicious, highly personalized meal plan has reduced my severe food-related symptoms, and I have already lost weight.

Taylor is kind and warm by email, and I look forward to being a long-term customer.

- Sarah Dornish

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Rachael Weber

Absolutely loved my meal prep from Taylor Made!

As a full time student with crazy allergies/ dietary restrictions, I was made the yummiest meals that were so easy to prepare and even followed my strict dietary guidelines.

There was also never a time where I received a meal that I didn't enjoy or care for and I loved how customizable the meal plans are as well!

Great experience and definitely recommend!

- Rachael Weber

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Shauna Brewer

I love the quality, taste and easy to prepare method Taylor Made Cuisine has created.

I've tried a good hand full of meal prep delivery companies based in Orange County and nothing compares to TMC's wide variety of options ranging from breakfast, snacks, proteins, soups, veggies and starches.

Taylor Made Cuisine has exceeded all expectations - keeping my taste buds always satisfied, providing amazing customer service, as well as, keeps this full time working mom's life in order!

Thank you, Taylor Made Cuisine (Taylor and Mike) for making each meal so tasty, simple and easy!

- Shauna Brewer

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Brenda Dorsey

Love love love Taylor made!!

Their food is the best thing I've experienced for my dietary restrictions and I love that they don't lock you into a membership which makes me want to support them even more!

I've lost some weight not having to stress about cooking and from eating out less which makes me so happy!

I look forward to the delivery like it's Christmas:))) You won't be disappointed!

- Brenda Dorsey

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Jill Wilder

I can't say enough great things about Taylor Made!

There food is always fresh, delicious and a total life saver. It is one of the only food/meal delivery services I can get my husband to eat.

I highly recommend to anyone who is trying to eat healthy but doesn't want to compromise taste.

- Jill Wilder

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Cayla Craft

I love Taylor Made Cuisine!

The food is so delicious and healthy. I've been using them for a few months now and my whole family loves the meals!!

I highly recommend Taylor Made Cuisine for anyone looking for a healthy meal service!

- Cayla Craft

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Monica A.

Taylor Made Cuisine was my favorite family pick for 2018!!!

I have been ordering from TM and can honestly say that everything has been healthy, delicious and fresh!! I can easily find choices for every picky family member on their menu!

Their customer service is excellent...the food arrives promptly, ordering is easy and follow up superb! I have tried many meal delivery services in the past and have been disappointed.

TM with their savory flavors, multiple healthy selections and holiday specials never disappoints!!

- Monica A.

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Victoria du Roure

These guys are amazing!

I decided to give them a try based on other recommendations and I was not disappointed!

Everything comes in hassle free packaging and the flavors and variety are amazing. Plus, they will completely customize your meal plan for you based on your dietary needs.

Their online ordering system is effortless and the bags always arrive exactly when they promise.

I would highly recommend this husband and wife team! They are crushing it in OC meal prep!

- Victoria du Roure

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Jody DiCesare

The best, tastiest, easiest healthy food on grab for the entire family!!!!

Taylor Made has always delivered the most flavorful food right to my doorstep!

I am so thankful and grateful to Taylor for supplying healthy food in my fridge for my children and myself!!!

It makes life a bit easier while dealing with crazy schedules!

A must have for busy families, those interested in cleansing, and those interested in a healthier lifestyle!

Thank you Taylor Made!

- Jody DiCesare

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