Lori Shearer

I was looking for a caterer for a bridal shower and contacted Taylor based solely on her Yelp reviews, and I'm so glad I did.  


Taylor returned my call right away. I explained what I sort of wanted and she had so many more fantastic ideas, and I felt very comfortable that she would follow through.


Our food was delivered the morning of the shower on time and in beautiful presentation.  


I hadn't heard of Taylor Made before and the only recommendation I had to go on were the Yelp reviews. I'm so glad people post reviews because they do make a difference.  


Taylor and Michael were so easy to work with, the food was excellent, fresh and plentiful. I've already booked them for another shower in a couple months!!


- Lori Shearer

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Tracy Meier

My favorite food delivery service--ever!  


I've used meal service for my family for many years but the difference between all the others and Taylor Made is how talented and flexible she and her team are.


It's hard to cook meals for a family that includes a vegan, a "ketogener," a Planner and a "normie" -- but Taylor Made does it with ease.


Among others, she's trained in Lyn Genet's "the Plan" method which is very technical because it measures food sensitivities and requires frequent modifications. There are very few chefs/meal delivery services in the country that can and do offer this.  


Best of all, the food is delicious--no matter what diet you're on.


- Tracy Meier

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Jan Moorad

I was fortunate to have Taylor and her husband, Mike, help me with a 60th, semi-formal birthday dinner party recently. Everything was perfect!


Taylor's menu ideas and their co-ordination and timing of courses was exceptional. They left my kitchen spotless and were very gracious to my guests.

I was particularly grateful that they so generously loaned me their antique, martini glasses for my special cocktail of the evening.


Their eye for detail and aesthetics of presentation (of the bar and other creative culinary touches) helps them beat the competition...and I have used MANY caterers in not only Newport Beach but in other cities I have lived in as well.

I would not hesitate to recommend Taylor Made for your event!


- Jan Moorad

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Marianne Mata

Taylor Made Cuisine Chefs Lianna and Michael catered a party at my house and it was an absolutely wonderful experience from start to finish!  


Taylor was great communicating menu suggestions and wine pairings, and Lianna and Michael were extremely pleasant and accommodating.  


Best of all, the food was delicious!  We had a gourmet four course meal, and all the items were fresh and very tasty. Chefs Lianna and Michael left the kitchen tidy afterwards so I could enjoy the dinner and my company.


I highly recommend Taylor and her crew for catering!


- Marianne Mata

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Kane Fortune

I have tried more meal prep companies than most people know exist and I am in the event business, so I have tried hundreds of caterers. Taylor is my go to personally and professionally!


I am beyond grateful that my wife found Taylor Made Cuisine. For weeks, I watched my wife eat TMC and listened to her rave reviews, it almost didn't add up, even though she previously ate healthy, these meals were as clean as I have ever seen.


Her stomach issues vanished and so did the little bit of baby weight. Since, I have ordered 3 lunches and 3 dinners a week and they are the best things I eat all week; taste & nutrition.


Our 11 month old even reaps the benefits; our whole family is thankful for Lil Chef Tay!


- Kane Fortune

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Meagan Medick

Taylor Made Cuisine is a life saver! The food is reasonably priced and delicious.


I've lost 11 pounds eating the food. I would not have been able to do The Plan without her.


The A La Carte menu is perfect for exactly what you need -- and the food freezes easily so I can save what I do not eat.


Finding Taylor Made Cuisine has changed my diet and my life.


Placing my next order today!


- Meagan Medick

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Kristin Bogart

Taylor's food was great and honestly I couldn't have gotten through my clean eating stint without her.

The food was fresh and healthy, but most of all she was so kind and responsive to all my issues.

I had quite a few questions the first several days and she was so helpful.

I would highly recommend Taylor Made Cuisine to anyone.

- Kristen Bogart

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Christy Castillo Butcher

I'm so happy with Taylor Made Cuisine. 


I've been ordering The Plan and a la carte for a month now and everything is fresh, healthy and most of all delicious.  Taylor also responds quickly to questions and emails.  


Her food and service is impeccable. I want to host a party just to use her catering services.  


Highly recommend Taylor Made Cuisine.


- Christy Castillo Butcher

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Mandy D.

This was such a wonderful and unique experience!  


We had Taylor's caterers come to my neighbor's house for a mom's evening and I honestly felt like we went out for a full course high end meal.  


The dishes were AMAZING and having it served at home was so much fun.  The dishes were clean and there were leftovers for my neighbor.  


What an incredible experience.  Thankyou!!


- Mandy D.

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Kassidy Fortune

I LOVE Taylor Made Cuisine!  


I have been eating her meals exclusively for the past 2 weeks while following "The Plan" diet (I have lost 8 pounds so far!).  


The meals are so fresh, healthy, filling and delicious.  I look forward to eating her meals each day and it has allowed me to truly "reset" my normal food cravings and habits.  


This is by far the most effective and tasty meal prep service I have ever used.


- Kassidy Fortune

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Ashley Knott

As good as it gets for sure! I placed my first order after seeing my friend eat a delicious soup on the go. 


Taylor's A La Carte menu is amazing. It is delivered on my door step Sunday evenings with a text alerting it has arrived. All the separate food packed individually and labeled.


The food is so fresh, healthy AND delicious! My three, picky teen boys, and husband eat every bite asking for more, even the vegetables! This for me makes a busy weekday of running around, with little time to shop and prepare dinner... so easy!


Taylor is very personable, happy to take requests and answer nutrition questions.


I have sent her menu to all my friends and family!!!


- Ashley Knott

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Whitney Levin

My husband hired Taylor as a surprise for my birthday. My birthday always falls somewhere in between thanksgiving so its hard for me to be able to enjoy my birthday AND thanksgiving since they are usually jam packed with family activities. 


My husband arranged for Taylor to come over to our house on my actual birthday and cook an entire gourmet-styled thanksgiving dinner for us and a few guests.

I am not over exaggerating when I say that thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday, mostly because of the food. Taylor's food exceeded all expectations! Each dish had a modern (more gourmet) touch, while still holding true to thanksgiving traditions. 

Not only did Taylor cook an entire meal, she did a live demo of one of the dishes for all of us so that we could recreate it on our own! In fact, I made it for a family Christmas dinner and it was a hit!
It did not stop with the food, Taylor plated our meals beautifully, cleaned up after herself, AND packed our fridge with leftovers so we could enjoy after!  

Taylor's food and personality made this surprise dinner party one to remember! I can't wait to use Taylor again!!!


- Whitney Levin

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Carley Decker

I highly recommend Taylor Made Cuisine!


Taylor is so professional and accommodating and her dishes are all delicious, creative and prepared with the highest quality ingredients.  


We have been so happy with our deliveries and are grateful to have such a reasonably priced, healthy and convenient option.


If you are planning to do The Plan it will make it so much easier to follow - her meals are all perfectly portioned and packaged ready to go which makes the process much easier.  


She is the best!


- Carley Decker

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Jillian Griffin

Taylor Made Cuisine has been incredible! I started with her cooking for me with the PLAN which made it so easy to follow. 


All the food was prepared and portioned in containers to grab and prepare. Then I had her cook for my family as well as she makes incredibly great family meals that are healthy and delicious. 


I highly recommend her for any of your food needs. She delivers the food on time with printed instructions to follow.


- Jillian Griffin

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Vanessa Schimmelpfennig

I Love, Love Taylor Made Cuisine!!! Taylor is the best!!!!


It has made my life with three hungry teenage boys easier and more healthy. The ability to grab yummy food, already cooked and ready to go, has been such a gift!


We all love the proteins and veggies...EVERYTHING WE HAVE ORDERED WE ALL HAVE LOVED!


Thank you to Taylor Made Cuisine!!


- Vanessa Schimmelpfennig

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Erin Dwyer

I was skeptical but after my second child I could not drop any weight.  Eating healthy and working out but nothing was changing.  


A friend suggested Taylor Made cuisine and "the plan".  I cannot say enough that I'm BLOWN AWAY by the results and how good the food is!


I'm always full, never starving and I've lost over 8lbs in 11 days.  It's mind boggling to be honest.  Or some would say "it's science".  But it's YUMMY science.  I also feel tremendous, sleep better than ever and get to have red wine!  


My favorite part is I lost  1.1 lbs in a day (while having more wine than any other day) and my tummy bulge from my second is visibly shrinking and almost gone!  


This stuff is magic!!!


- Erin Dwyer

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Amanda Kumar

Taylor Made Cuisine is hands down one of the best nutritional easy to follow food plans out there!


I used Taylor Made Cuisine to follow "the lyn-genet plan" after reading the book and wanting to dedicate myself to trying out foods that work and don't work for my body I came across Taylor Made Cuisine. She made it so easy to follow menu and the food was delicious!


I'm a busy working mom and Taylor definitely helped me to reach and stick with my food commitments and goals.  Although I'm almost done with my thirty days meal prep, I will be using Taylor Made cuisine for my individual food plans that I know works well for my body and that I can stick to and follow. Taylor was very accommodating and will work with your busy schedule.


I had a wonderful experience using her cuisine!


- Amanda Kumar

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Tamara Plake-Bunnett

Taylor is amazing! I hired her to cater a luncheon for my father-in-laws memorial. We don't live in the area, so finding someone who would take care of everything during a difficult time was essential.


From communicating, planning the menu, set-up arrangements to the actual luncheon...Taylor was perfect!! She put my worries at ease and was always kind and gracious. Her food was delicious, the staff was wonderful and the presentation was spot on!


You will not be disappointed if you hire Taylor Made Cuisine!!!


- Tamara Plake-Bunnett

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Bicky Ross

I love Taylor's food! I have gone from eating whatever was in the refrigerator (usually string cheese) for dinner to eating a healthy, fresh, non processed food diet.  


I work long hours & just don't have the time & energy to put into cooking. Taylor's food is delicious, healthy, great quality and her food has converted my eating habits into a healthy lifestyle.


You need to try it, you won't be disappointed!


- Bicky Ross

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Joleen Baunsen

We have worked with Taylor in several capacities from a sit down dinner for 12 to a 60 person open house, and have been so pleased with her work.  I often have specific ideas about the menu and she has been very accommodating while also offering fantastic suggestions and compliments to each of our events.  She is professional, organized and always asks the right questions.  She is also well stocked with serving pieces, beverage containers... all the things I do not want to store.  

She also has great resources like the amazing bartender she found me who created signature cocktails for our last party!  Taylor is  so personable and joy to have in our kitchen... our guests always comment on how wonderful she is to speak to.  


We are so happy to recommend her!


- Joleen Bahnsen

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