Cassie Piasecki

I'm a HUGE fan of Taylor Made Cuisine. Even though I love to meal prep, I'm a busy girl and there are some weeks that Taylor and her excellent food SAVES me.
Besides tasting delish, Taylor goes out of her way to make sure my dietary needs are met. I'm a gluten-free vegetarian with FODMAP issues. I know! High maintenance. She totally understands and makes sure I am set.
My preference is to do a four day supply of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. This is a lot of food. It usually takes me through 5-6 days or I let my husband enjoy something. He thinks it's delish, too. I like how everything is individually portioned so nothing soaks up the flavor or smell of the other food. My fave breakfast is the Aloha Bowl. Fave lunch is the buddha bowl. Fave snacks are these peanut butter cup fat bombs. I could eat her marinara spaghetti squash every day.
Prices are super affordable!!!!!