Megan Becker

I am loving Taylor Made Cuisine! I'm a foodie but I am also a clean food foodie, so I have a hard time putting just anything in my body when I'm on the go. I often find myself not eating anything because I don't have time to buy/find or make quality food so Taylor Made has filled this void. Now, I always have several meals on hand that I can quickly heat up and enjoy. My #1 favorite is the curry cashew chicken. I also love their pumpkin and carrot bits to enjoy on the road before or after a workout. Their roasted vegetable frittata is delicious, fresh and moist. I definitely recommend Taylor Made to anyone who likes quality ingredients, local, grass fed, no refined sugars, organic, etc, without compromising on flavor. My only wish is that their portions were a little bigger--it all tastes so good I always want more!