Jonathan Ritchie

Taylor Made Cuisines is the second meal delivery service I've tried. What separates them is the flavor and ability to note your favorite and least favorite foods. I'm not quite sure to what degree the latter is taken under consideration, but the simple fact that they try to accommodate your preferences is amazing. There was only a single meal that I didn't care for, and since I added it to my least favorite foods, I haven't received it again.

The customer service is exceptional! They responded in less than 30 mins whenever I had a question.

The only negative about the service is you're given each meal in separate containers. For example, if a meal contains a meat and two types of vegetables, you're given 3 containers for the meal. So, when you get a delivery, you have to sort through the many pieces and match them with the menu.

Overall, the minor inconvenience of sorting through the meals is outweighed by the numerous benefits. They're keto-friendly, too! I'm extremely happy with the company and plan on using them for the foreseeable future.