Samantha Savage

I found out about Taylor Made Cuisine through a local gym pop-up and was immediately intrigued by the unique customization offered for each individual, based on preference and dietary needs. As a personal trainer and someone who has specific dietary needs, I'm always looking for ways to make healthy eating easier. I have tried several "popular" meal planning services in the past year... only to be disappointed by quality, inefficiency, monotony and difficulty (prep time). With Taylor Made the meals have been custom to my dairy free lifestyle. Each meal is full of TOP GRADE ingredients. Everything is quick and easy to prep. Last, but definitely not least... the meals are freaking delicious!! After week one, I was hooked. Taylor Made Cuisine is truly a gem. I've always been a healthy eater, but I can truly say that I'm eating more vegetables than I ever have in my life and its because Taylor makes them taste exceptional! I honestly can't rave enough! I highly recommend Taylor Made Cuisines to not only my friends and my clients, but to anyone looking for efficient, healthy and delicious meals!