If you've been looking for a meal prep company to try, look no further! TMC is the best meal prep company out there by faaaaaar, no contest! My wife has complicated dietary restrictions based on her medications, and the one-size-fits-all weekly menus other meal prep companies use would never suit my wife's needs. TMC's fully customizable weekly menu has literally been a dream come true for us. Taylor's passion for providing people with delicious, healthy meals that contain the highest quality of ingredients is so evident in each week's menu. She creatively designs dishes that are flavorful and contain ingredients my wife loves, and metiticulously omits ingredients that adversely affect her medications. The attention to detail is unmatched, and quite honestly, the food is better than most restaurants. My wife gets a wide variety of meals for the week, and they differ each week. We love that the proteins are vac sealed separately and the side dishes are also in separate containers, so all the food's tastes and textures stay the way they're intended to be- without any mixed flavors or sogginess. We also take advantage of a weekly subscription, so we are automatically charged and have our food delivered each week without having to order it ourselves. Customer service is OUTSTANDING! Give them a shot--you will NOT go back to any other meal prep company again!