Ateefa Chaudhury

Taylor's meal prep is the best I have tried and I have tried a lot of local companies in Orange County, probably 5. It is nice to not be locked into a subscription as someone who can go out of town. I just don't order and can resume when I am back.

Her ingredients are better quality and taste better than anything else you can find. Her flavors are also complex and not boring. You don't get sick of eating her food through the week like you can with other meal preps. I have even had 2 personal chefs and honestly Taylor's food tastes better to me in comparison than the personal chefs I had in the past. Everything is labeled and well packaged which makes it a breeze to take to work. I do wish she would do macros but I understand why she can't. That would be the only downside to this meal prep is that if you like tracking macros you may want something different or decide to stop tracking because while everything is fresh and healthy, exact nutritional info isn't provided.

As someone who is on a very complex meal plan with lots of restrictions like gluten free, dairy free, and Keto, it is wonderful to find food I actually enjoy eating. I look forward to my next order and delivery day in anticipation! Thanks Taylor!