Steve Ryan

WOW!! I love Taylor Made Cuisine! I work long days and have trouble finding the time to cook so Taylor has been the answer to my prayers! Also, I can barely boil water so Taylor's meals have been a welcome change :-) I've tried quite a few delivery companies, but none of them can match Taylor on her great selection, delicious meals, timely delivery, and top notch customer service. I'm genuinely excited about each meal and I love not only being able to switch things up week-to-week, but modify things when I travel or go out of town. The versatility is something I really enjoy and it has helped me not only dial in a much-needed workout schedule, but when I come home I'm not tempted to pick up fast food or heat something up out of hunger and desperation! Also, the customer service is on another level! Both Mike and Taylor go above and beyond to make sure your meals are fresh, delicious, and worth every penny. I'm definitely sold!