Lauren Sherwin

I am on day 3 of my first week of meals and loving it! I wanted to let you know how much relief your meals have brought me!  I have recently been having digestive issues and had been advised to adopt a low FODMAP diet & cut out dairy.  The low FODMAP diet is confusing and difficult to adhere to.  I was feeling discouraged and found it almost impossible to adhere to especially because I eat out a lot (for convenience).  Last week I was working with a nutritionist and together we found your company online and I am so glad I did!  She did not have any direct experience with your company but we thought it was worth a try.  I will be sure to let her know how fresh & delicious the food is so she can pass it on to her other clients. What I like most is that you can accommodate all of the dietary restrictions and the food is still delicious & healthy!
Thank you so much Taylor!