Sondra Barker

I've been using this meal service for three weeks and though it is pricier than most meal plans, its exactly what I was looking for. I cannot eat boring tasteless meals nor do I have any time to cook them myself. 

Taylor's meals are incredibly flavorful, generous, and customizable. I found that almost all meal plans use white rice and refined carbs which is a big no, no. Taylor makes sure all of my meals include healthy carbs like farro, quinoa, brown rice, rice pasta, and sweet potatoes. 

Her meals are so flavorful, they taste like home cooked meals. Each ingredient is separately packed in recyclable containers and the meals are very generous. I tend to eat small portions so one meal is like 2 little meals for me which has actually made the price very justifiable. 

Since starting with these meal plans I feel so much healthier. I used to eat frozen trader joes pizza for breakfast! This morning I had chimichuri steak with mixed vegetables and while roasted potatoes. My other meals include 
- Lamb Curry with quinoa and zucchini
- Pork mole with beans, tropical salsa and avocado
- Kung Pao Chicken with brown rice and sauteed broccoli 
- Cajun Butter Steak with sweet potatoes and mixed vegetables 

I specifically requested only 2-3 dishes be chicken and they did not dissapoint! When I wake up, I'm so excited for my pre-workout meal and no more frozen pizza