Emma Elliott

For as long as I can remember, my stomach has been sensitive and temperamental and has only gotten more agitated over the last few years, which has led me on what has felt like a wild goose chase to figure out what is going on in my gut. One of the more recent instructions my GI doctor gave me was to try the Low FODMAP diet for 6 weeks. At a loss of what I could eat and after an exhaustive search for tips / meal services, I stumbled upon Taylor Made (the only meal delivery service I found that offers Low FODMAP as an option). To be honest, I was weary of how the meals would taste given all of the diet's limitations, but to my amazement, they were always DELICIOUS. So thank you-for the convenience and personalized touch of your deliveries, super tasty meals, and time saved meal-prepping and cooking. If you're thinking of trying Taylor Made, DO IT. You won't regret it.